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Lawsuit: Ex-Soap Opera Star Haley Pullos Holds Other Driver Responsible for DUI Accident

Former “General Hospital” star Haley Pullos claims another driver is to blame after she plowed into him during a 2023 DUI crash. According to an arrest affidavit, Pullos was charged with driving under the influence after the April 29, 2023, crash that sent Courtney Wilder to the hospital for emergency surgery. As CrimeOnline reported, firefighters …

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Former “General Hospital” actress Haley Pullos says another driver is at fault for the collision that occurred during a DUI crash in 2023.

Pullos was accused of driving under the influence following the April 29, 2023, accident which resulted in Courtney Wilder needing emergency surgery, as stated in an arrest report.

As reported by CrimeOnline, emergency personnel had to rescue Pullos from her vehicle and help her into an ambulance. At one point, a firefighter was examining Pullos’ injuries when she struck them and exclaimed, “This is a $400 f**king shirt.”

Subsequently, Wilder filed a lawsuit against Pullos due to sustaining severe injuries.

As per DailyMail, Pullos’ lawyers are now rejecting the claims made in the lawsuit against her, contending that Wilder was the one acting negligently.

Pullos is seeking to have the lawsuit dismissed, according to legal documents, and asserts that the collision was “caused by either the sole negligent and/or intentional conduct of plaintiffs.”

Additionally, the response argues that any compensation awarded to Wilder should be “an amount proportionate to the amount by which plaintiffs’ negligent and/or intentional conduct contributed to the alleged damages.”

Pullos’ defense also alleged that the plaintiff’s injuries were “either wholly or in part, intentionally or negligently caused by person, firms, corporation, or entities’ outside Pullos’ control.”

Pullos also wishes for Wilder to cover her legal expenses and any other “further relief.”

Stay tuned for updates.

[Feature Photo: Haley Pullos/Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP; Pasadena Fire Department]

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