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Home Murder An absent Washington businesswoman was discovered deceased in Mexico

An absent Washington businesswoman was discovered deceased in Mexico

A Washington state woman missing for two weeks has been found dead in Mexico. Reyna Hernandez, 54, was last heard from on February 26 when she told friends she was heading out to run errands, as CrimeOnline reported. She was reported missing two days later when she didn’t open her hair salon or answer phone …

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A woman from Washington state who had been missing for two weeks has been located deceased in Mexico.

Reyna Hernandez, 54, had her last communication on February 26, telling friends that she was going out to do errands. as reported by CrimeOnline. Two days later, she was declared missing when she didn’t show up at her hair salon or respond to calls or messages.

Renton Police stated that after seeing a news article about an unidentified body found in Mexicali, a border town between Mexico and California, they reached out to their Mexican counterparts and shared details that helped in confirming the body as Hernandez’s.

According to Renton police, a 61-year-old man from Renton was detained by Mexican authorities on unrelated charges, and they also located Hernandez’s vehicle.

The police did not reveal the man’s identity or his connection to Hernandez, but they characterized her death as a “domestic violence crime.”

Earlier, police had indicated that there was evidence suggesting Hernandez was taken against her will.

Renton police mentioned that they were collaborating with Mexican and US authorities to ascertain where Hernandez was killed and that the man would be sent back to the United States if it is determined that the crime occurred there.

“This outcome is extremely distressing,” stated Meeghan Black of the Renton Police Department to KIRO-TV. “It has now crossed not only state lines but also country borders, and we were working closely with Mexican officials and involving federal authorities to determine the jurisdiction in this timeline.”

[Featured image: Reyna Hernandez/Renton Police Department]

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