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Texas Army Sergeant Plans with Brother to Murder Woman, Kids, Say Police

An Army servicemember and his brother are accused of plotting to kill four people, including two children, the Hartford Courant reports. On Thursday, the Connecticut State Police arrested 30-year-old Jeremiah Peikert on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit risk of injury to minors. Authorities allege that Jeremiah, a sergeant in the …

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An Army member and his sibling are charged with planning to kill four individuals, including two kids. the Hartford Courant states.

Last Thursday, the Connecticut State Police detained 30-year-old Jeremiah Peikert for allegedly conspiring to commit murder and risking harm to minors.

Officials claim that Jeremiah, a sergeant in the United States Army stationed in Texas, collaborated with his 32-year-old brother, Joshua Peikert, as part of a murder-for-hire plot.

Joshua, who is imprisoned at a Connecticut state prison in Uncasville, reportedly sought the help of an unnamed inmate to hire a hitman to kill a 29-year-old woman, her 23-year-old boyfriend, and her two children aged 10 and 1.

The inmate purportedly agreed to find someone to carry out the murders for $10,000 per person and requested $500 as a finder’s fee.

Joshua accepted and divided the fee into two payments; Jeremiah is accused of providing the initial $250 payment.

However, the inmate who agreed to find a hitman claimed he had no intention of doing so and just wanted the money. He wrote a letter to the targeted woman outlining the plans to kill her and her family, leading her to contact the authorities.

The brothers are said to have discussed the plan by pretending it was a “construction job,” according to WTNH-TV.

Jeremiah allegedly acknowledged making the initial $250 payment and knowing the woman was a target, but he denied knowing the children were also on the hit list.

The planned hit did not take place and no one was killed. Officials have not disclosed a motive for the alleged hit job.

[Feature Photo: Jeremiah Peikert and Joshua Peikert/Connecticut State Police]

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