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Nude Florida Woman Enters Neighbor’s House

A 24-year-old Florida woman was arrested last week after she abandoned her two young children at home to break into a neighbor’s home. Haley Ann Nicole Blunt was naked when she first knocked on a neighbor’s front door and then the back door before breaking a window near the front door to get in, WKMG …

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A 24-year-old woman from Florida was taken into custody last week for leaving her two young kids at home and getting into a neighbor's house.

When she initially knocked on the neighbor's front door and then the back door, Haley Ann Nicole Blunt was without clothes. She then broke a window near the front door to gain entry, WKMG reported. WKMG reported.

The person living in the house called the police and left the house to meet them outside.

Officers from Lake City police department stated that they went inside the house and found Blunt “nude and bleeding from injuries she sustained while breaking the window and entering the residence.”

She was taken to a hospital for treatment and then arrested and booked into the Columbia County Detention Center.

Blunt's kids were discovered at home alone in her house, and were handed over to a relative by the police.

Blunt faced charges of breaking into an occupied structure, neglecting her children, and causing deliberate damage.

[Featured image: Haley Ann Nicole Blunt/Lake City police department]

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