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LISTEN: Mica Miller dials 911 to inform emergency operators that she's 'about to end my own life'

A South Carolina pastor’s wife called 911 and informed the dispatcher that she was going to end her life and wanted to ensure they could track her phone so her family could find her. Earlier that day, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office stated that Mica Miller, 30, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head …

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A woman who is married to a pastor in South Carolina called 911 and said she was going to end her own life. She wanted to make sure they could find her using her phone so her family could locate her.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office announced that Mica Miller, 30, died from shooting herself in the head at Lumber River State Park in North Carolina on April 27, as reported by CrimeOnline. Her husband, John-Paul Miller, told investigators that she had been dealing with mental health problems for years.

Mica Miller reportedly filed for divorce last October, and her family said she had recently asked for a no-contact order against her husband.

“Unfortunately, rumors and conspiracy theories were spreading quickly, and assumptions were being made.” Robeson County Sheriff Burnis Wilkson said. “However, in the end, we must make decisions based on the facts, and evidence that has been gathered.

“While I know it’s not what many people wanted to hear, the evidence is quite clear and compelling, and we are as saddened as anyone that this occurred. There are many factors that we have reviewed that occurred over an extended period of time that are probably related to the reason for this investigation, but in the end, sadly, a tragic decision was made by Mica that ended her life.”

Wilkins met with Mica Miller’s family before the sheriff’s office released detailed information from its investigation that included surveillance video showing her buying a handgun and ammunition from a Myrtle Beach pawn shop on the shortly after noon on April 27.

Mica Miller buying handgun at Myrtle Beach pawn shop/Robeson County Sheriff’s Office

After leaving the pawn shop, she drove toward Conway on US Highway 501 and stopped for a drink and gasoline at a store on South Carolina 41 in Mullins at about 1:30 p.m. Just before 3 p.m., she called Robeson County, North Carolina, 911 from Lumber River State Park, about 33 miles from the store in Mullins.

“I’m about to kill myself, and I just want my family to know where to find me,” the caller said near the end of the 2 1/2 minute call.

The operator sent law enforcement to the location at the park, and the officer contacted the park superintendent. Rangers and officers searched the area, using a drone, and found Miller’s black Honda Accord in the parking lot. On the passenger seat, they found a Sig Sauer gun case and a box of ammunition in the center console. The also found the receipt for the gun and ammo purchase and the receipt from the convenience store, both dated April 27.

As they searched the park for the 911 caller, investigators came upon a person who had found a bag near the water’s edge with identification belonging to Miller. That person reported hearing someone crying and a gunshot while he was fishing.

As the search continued, a call came in reporting a body found in the water. Deputies responded to that location and contacted the medical examiner’s office. The body was identified as Mica Miller.

Mica Miller stops for fuel at a convenience store in Mullins, South Carolina/Robeson County Sheriff’s Office

A 9mm Sig Sauer handgun was discovered in the water close to the body. Its serial number matched the number on the box in Miller’s car. They also found Miller’s phone and other personal items.

The sheriff’s office reported that a search of Miller’s phone showed that she looked for ‘national parks near me’ and found the location of Lumber River State Park.

According to investigators, John Paul Miller and Mica Miller were not together and were dealing with the legal system. Investigators reached out to John Paul Miller and a woman he is involved with romantically and found out that neither were in North Carolina the night before or the day of Mica Miller’s death. John Paul Miller was actually in Charleston on April 27 at a sports event and he had company while traveling to and from it.

The sheriff’s office gave John Paul Miller an opportunity to meet with investigators and learn about the investigation, but he declined, sending a message through his lawyer that he would not come to North Carolina for such a meeting.

[Featured image: Mica Miller/Robeson County Sheriff’s Office]

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