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  • Monos

    by Suzann Mossel

    The criminal group known as “Los Monos,” led by members of the Cantero family, has been operating for more than 20 years in the Argentine city of Rosario.

  • Salta, Argentina

    by Elijah Jones

    Salta is the main gateway for cocaine entering Argentina. Drugs enter via Salvador Mazza and Aguas Blancas, parts of which share a land border with Bolivia. Alternatively, criminal groups fly cocaine to aerial drop-off points in the south of the …

  • Corrientes, Argentina

    by Whitney Gilkison

    Corrientes is a key hub of Argentina’s highly profitable marijuana trade. The province appears to be the second most important entry point for Paraguayan marijuana after Misiones, and most drugs entering Misiones transit Corrientes to reach consumption centers. These drug …

  • Formosa, Argentina

    by Sophie Zimmermann

    Located on the border with Paraguay’s capital Asunción, the Formosa province is a hub for transnational marijuana trafficking and contraband. Illicit shipments enter the province through the border city of Clorinda, albeit in much smaller quantities than in Argentina’s other …

  • Misiones, Argentina

    by Victoria Belousson

    Misiones is the main entry point for marijuana smuggled from Paraguay into Argentina across the Paraná River and one of the country’s two most important provinces for marijuana trafficking, along with Corrientes.

  • Chaco, Argentina

    by Whitney Gilkison

    Chaco is a transit corridor for illicit products. Most drugs or contraband smuggled into Argentina in the Formosa province crosses Chaco to reach the country’s major consumption hubs. One of Argentina’s largest […]

  • Argentina Profile

    by Efren Bryne

    Despite Argentina’s prominent role as a money laundering center and as a drug transit and consumption point, the country does not suffer from the high levels of violence that affect other Latin American nations. Still, deep-rooted corruption in various branches …

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