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  • Choneros

    by Whitney Gilkison

    Los Choneros is one of Ecuador’s most prominent criminal groups, which first emerged in the late 1990s as a drug trafficking organization based in the city of Manta, a beach town on Ecuador’s Pacific coast.

  • Ecuador Profile

    by Whitney Gilkison

    Ecuador is facing record homicides and the rapid expansion of gangs as it becomes a fulcrum in the international drug trafficking trade.

  • Lobos

    by Victoria Belousson

    The Lobos, one of Ecuador’s strongest criminal gangs, are crucial players in the cocaine trade flowing through the country.

  • Lagartos

    by Jakob Koch

    Integrated by multiple gangs with shared allies and enemies, Los Lagartos is one of Ecuador’s prolific prison gangs, whose rivalry with Los Choneros has spurned unprecedented levels violence in Ecuador’s streets and penitentiary system in recent years.

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