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  • Cortés, Honduras

    by Olevia Lazzeri

    Cortés is a major organized crime hub. Vast quantities of drugs, arms, and contraband pass through the department’s busy Atlantic port – Puerto Cortés – on a daily basis.

  • Copán, Honduras

    by Sabra Bozych

    In Copán – a major transit point for cocaine – drug trafficking groups collaborate with local authorities to smuggle narcotics over the department’s porous western border with Guatemala.

  • Intibucá, Honduras

    by Whitney Gilkison

    Intibucá is not a major organized crime hub, though there is a notable gang presence along the department’s porous southern border with El Salvador and some signs of drug trafficking.

  • Valle, Honduras

    by Jakob Koch

    Valle is an important transit point for cocaine being shipped from South America to Honduras, bound for other Central American countries and the United States.

  • Ocotepeque, Honduras

    by Victoria Belousson

    Corruptible customs officials and porous borders facilitate the smuggling of migrants and drugs from Ocotepeque into Guatemala, along with flows of arms and contraband to and from adjacent departments in both Guatemala and El Salvador.

  • La Paz, Honduras

    by Elijah Jones

    The department of La Paz does not house any major transnational criminal economies or established criminal actors.

  • Lempira, Honduras

    by Olevia Lazzeri

    Lempira is not a major hub for organized criminal activity but is nonetheless an important transit point for illicit narcotics and a political power center for National Party politicians involved in cocaine trafficking.

  • Honduras Profile

    by Elijah Jones

    Honduras, long one of the poorest countries in Latin America, is now also among the most violent and crime-ridden. The violence is carried out by local drug trafficking groups, gangs, corrupt security forces and transnational criminal organizations mainly from Mexico …

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