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Home Criminal News Fran's former tenant, who received an eviction notice, has been found guilty of murdering and chopping up the 69-year-old landlord using large butcher knives. The body parts were stored in a freezer

Fran's former tenant, who received an eviction notice, has been found guilty of murdering and chopping up the 69-year-old landlord using large butcher knives. The body parts were stored in a freezer

A resident in Chicago, who had just received an eviction notice, was found guilty of murdering and cutting up her 69-year-old landlord using big butcher knives and hiding the body parts in a freezer.

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Sandra Kolalou, left, was convicted of the murder of Frances Walker, right. (Sandra Kolalou via Cook County Sheriff's; Victim photo from Facebook)

Sandra Kolalou, left, was found guilty of killing Frances Walker, right. (Sandra Kolalou via Cook County Sheriff’s; Victim photo from Facebook)

A tenant in Chicago A person was found guilty of using “large butcher knives” to kill and dismember their 69-year-old landlord and hiding the body parts in a freezer after receiving an eviction notice.

Sandra Kolalou, 37, was convicted on Monday of first-degree murder, dismembering a body, concealing a homicidal death, and aggravated identity theft in the killing of Frances Walker.

Sister-in-law Maria Maggie Walker expressed, “We miss Fran a lot. She is the person no one can say anything bad about at all,” after the verdict, Chicago NBC affiliate WMAQ reported.

Despite testifying that Walker was a friend and stating, “I would do anything for Fran,” Kolalou denied killing her, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times . Her legal team plans to appeal, according to reports.

As Law&Crime The killing took place on Oct. 10, 2022. The police responded to a report of a potential missing person at a boardinghouse where Kolalou had rented a room from Walker in the 5900 block of North Washtenaw Avenue.

Tenants in the building heard Walker screaming at 2:30 a.m. and tried to reach her multiple times. There was no response from Walker, but various text messages were sent from her phone — messages that officials claimed were sent by Kolalou.

When the tenants couldn't make contact throughout the day, they contacted 911 to report her disappearance. As the police arrived, Kolalou was spotted leaving the residence and getting into a tow truck that she had allegedly arranged and paid for using Walker’s credit card. She refused to speak with the police, citing her rights, and instructed the tow truck driver to take her to Foster Beach to collect her car.

Prosecutors stated that “many of the tenants” in the boardinghouse were scared of Kolalou, and that the police had responded to several prior 911 calls involving the defendant. Concerned for the tow truck driver’s safety, several tenants exchanged contact information with him and made it clear that they believed Kolalou was dangerous, as per the police.

The tow truck driver subsequently contacted one of the tenants and reported that when Kolalou reached Foster Beach, she “placed a large bag in a garbage can,” according to Deenihan. Several tenants followed the tow truck and opened the bag, discovering bloody rags and linens inside. They informed the officers who had already returned to the house, and additional officers went to both Foster Beach and the boardinghouse.

Initially, a search revealed no signs of foul play, but police conducted another search of Kolalou’s room and found blood and “the gruesome remains” in her freezer. Investigators then obtained a search warrant and allegedly discovered additional blood spatter and several bloody kitchen knives.

According to authorities, Kolalou was still with the tow truck driver and had threatened him with a knife for contacting the other tenants.

“Thanks to the communication between the tow truck driver and the tenants, the police were able to reach the scene immediately and arrest the defendant for pulling a knife on the tow truck driver,” Deenihan explained.

Kolalou was taken to the police station, where she immediately told the police she won't speak.

It's believed that Kolalou killed and cut Walker in Walker’s bedroom with big butcher knives.

The police said Walker had given the defendant a notice to leave the place.

Kolalou will receive her punishment on June 20.


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