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Home Criminal News Bodies discovered in Mexico are probably the missing surfers, including one American

Bodies discovered in Mexico are probably the missing surfers, including one American

Bodies found in northern Mexico are likely three missing surfers, including one American, who disappeared last weekend, The Associated Press reports. Authorities have not officially confirmed the identities of the bodies. Still, the physical characteristics of the individuals appear to match those of two Australians and a United States citizen who vanished, state prosecutor María …

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Bodies found in the northern part of Mexico are likely the three missing surfers, including one American, who vanished last weekend, The Associated Press states.

Officials have not yet verified the identities of the bodies. However, the physical features of the individuals seem to match those of two Australians and a U.S. citizen who disappeared, according to state prosecutor María Elena Andrade Ramírez told the local news outlet Milenio.

The bodies were found in a well near the town of Santo Tomás, a secluded coastal area in the Mexican state of Baja California.

A fourth body was discovered in the well, but authorities stated that this body had been there for a significant amount of time and did not seem to be connected to the three missing surfers.

The well was near a campsite that is believed to have been used by the missing men while they were staying on a surfing trip.

Relatives have identified the men as 30-year-old Jack Carter Rhoad, from the United States, and Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson, aged 30 and 33, respectively. Authorities believe the trio went missing on Saturday after failing to reach a scheduled accommodation.

After learning that the men were missing, a large-scale search took place involving local law enforcement, Mexican marines, and the FBI, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.

Officials in Baja California stated that three individuals had been arrested for what essentially amounts to a crime of kidnapping and were being questioned about the missing men. The three suspects may have stolen a truck used by the surfers.

The U.S. State Department stated in a press release that they were keeping a close watch on the situation.

“We are aware of those reports (of bodies) and are closely monitoring the situation,” the State Department stated, according to the AP. “At this time we have no further comment.”

Rhoad hails from Atlanta and was residing in San Diego; he established an internet-based apparel business, according to his Facebook profile. Callum Robinson graduated from Stevenson University in Maryland, where he was a member of the lacrosse team.

“Our prayers and thoughts are now for Callum’s parents, Martin and Debra Robinson, who lost their two sons; the family of their friend Jack Carter Rhoad; and the many loved ones and friends all of these young men had,” the university said in a statement.

[Feature Photo: Jake and Callum Robinson and their parents/Instagram; Jack Carter Rhoad (far right)/Facebook]

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