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Home ‘Inhuman and brutal’: Alabama Mother Indicted After She and Daughter Push Love Rival Off a Cliff

‘Inhuman and brutal’: Alabama Mother Indicted After She and Daughter Push Love Rival Off a Cliff

A grand jury has indicted an Alabama mother who, along with her daughter, allegedly kidnapped and then killed a woman by forcing her off a cliff, WHNT-TV reports. Loretta Carr, 44, faces a charge of capital murder (kidnapping) for the death of Mary Isbell, who vanished three years ago. Carr’s daughter, Jessie Eden Kelly, is also …

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An Alabama mother has been formally charged by a grand jury for reportedly abducting and killing a woman with her daughter by pushing her off a cliff. WHNT-TV reports.

Loretta Carr, 44, is facing a capital murder (kidnapping) charge for the death of Mary Isbell, who disappeared three years ago. Carr’s daughter, Jessie Eden Kelly, is also charged with capital murder related to Isbell’s death.

Officials claim the mother and daughter abducted Isbell in October 2021 and then made her fall off a cliff into the Little River Canyon.

Isbell was last seen alive in October 2021. Her ex-husband reported her missing in December 2021 after not contacting their son for Christmas.

In June 2023, a search team discovered remains confirmed to be Isbell's. This was based on information provided by Kelly, according to WHNT-TV.

Carr was arrested on June 25, 2023, while Kelly was already in custody.

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As CrimeOnline previously reported, physical evidence was found at Isbell’s home related to the crime, including evidence of a struggle.

Kelly reportedly admitted to authorities that she and her mom visited Isbell’s residence in DeKalb County, where they attacked her with a gun and then forced her off the cliff despite her pleading for her life, WAFF-TV reports, citing court records.

Dekalb County Sheriff’s Office Chief Investigator Nick Brown described the accusations against the mother and daughter as “inhuman and brutal,” according to WHNT-TV.

Brown stated that the motive for the killing may involve a romantic interest. “They are all acquaintances, mainly to a boyfriend,” Brown told WAAY-TV. “They all do come back to one specific person.”

Carr’s arraignment is scheduled for May 8. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against her.

Kelly has a court hearing scheduled for June 6.

[Feature Photo: Mary Elizabeth Isbell/Hartselle Police Department]

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