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Home Murder ‘Is widow gender neutral’: Poison Expert Wife’s Unexpected Death BY POISON While He Chats with Many Women on Dating App

‘Is widow gender neutral’: Poison Expert Wife’s Unexpected Death BY POISON While He Chats with Many Women on Dating App

Minnesota authorities recently discovered that a man accused of killing his wife last summer joined a dating app after her death and allegedly searched on Google for “is widow gender neutral” before her death, newly-released warrants state. The warrants, obtained by, indicated that accused wife killer Connor Bowman may have been talking to multiple women …

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Minnesota authorities discovered that a man accused of murdering his wife last summer joined a dating app after her death and reportedly looked up “is widow gender neutral” on Google before her death, according to newly-released warrants.

The warrants, acquired by, suggested that accused wife killer Connor Bowman might have been communicating with several women before his wife Betty Bowman’s death. Some of the “female witnesses” claimed they met up with Bowman in the weeks following his wife’s death.

As CrimeOnline previously detailed, a former Mayo Clinic pharmacy resident, allegedly administered liquid colchicine to his wife Betty, who did not suffer from gout, in August 2023, resulting in her death three days after she was hospitalized for diarrhea and dehydration.

Investigators grew suspicious after learning that the victim wanted a divorce from Bowman, who was “hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt,” Law&Crime reports.

Bowman also allegedly attempted to halt an autopsy by requesting that his wife’s body be immediately cremated. The Olmsted County coroner intervened and prevented the cremation upon discovering elevated levels of a gout medication in Betty’s system.

Connor Bowman/Olmsted County Jail

The Southeast Minnesota Medical Examiner determined that her cause of death was the toxic effects of colchicine and ruled her death as a homicide.

Investigators claim that Bowman used his Mayo Clinic email address to purchase colchicine, the drug suspected to have been used to poison his wife. He attempted to shift blame onto her, alleging that she had fraudulently obtained the drug under his name, according to investigators.

Bowman also purported that his wife had hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a rare ailment causing white blood cells to attack other blood cells. However, a test to detect this ailment reportedly yielded inconclusive results.

Investigators added that the Bowmans’ relationship, while purportedly “open,” was unstable and that they had been discussing divorce. After his wife’s death, Bowman informed friends that he was expecting a $500,000 life insurance payout from her death.

Bowman was initially charged with second-degree murder. In January 2024, a grand jury indicted him on first-degree murder but also included the second-degree charge in the indictment.

He remains behind bars at the Olmstead County Jail. His next expected court hearing is scheduled for June 11.

[Featured image: Betty and Connor Bowman/LinkedIn]

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